Outboard Motor Repair

Outboard Motor Repair

In addition to offering the amazing Evinrude and Yamaha outboard motors for sale, we also provide the best outboard motor repair and service. To help you keep up with your outboard motor maintenance, we’ll take on all kinds of repairs from minor to major. Still, we do recommend that you schedule your outboard motor diagnostics and maintenance as often as possible to avoid trouble on the water during an otherwise pleasant fishing or hunting experience.

Our service technicians will use the latest engine diagnostic software to check your outboard motor. Thanks to the digital circuits in modern outboard motors that you can purchase from Arts Marine, we can make sure that your engine doesn’t give you any trouble by performing a fast and effective outboard motor repair.

Don’t let yourself get stuck in the middle of the lake or sea, having to call the towing company because your engine decided to give up. Most maintenance procedures are fast and straightforward, and they’ll get you back on the water safely and in no time at all.

What will we do when you send your outboard engines to us for repairs and maintenance?

We will perform a visual and software inspection as well as a full diagnostic of your motors and the fuel and water filters. Seeing how the outboard motors we sell are top-quality, this should go smoothly. In most cases, minor engine repairs are all you need to get back on the water safely.

We do recommend that you always carry a tool kit on board in case something happens. Being safe is the most important thing, but part of being safe also includes taking care of your aluminum boat and the equipment you use on it.