Tohatsu Outboard Motors

Tohatsu Outboard Motors



Welcome to Arts Marine. Since opening our store, we have been the premier location in Arkansas to buy Tohatsu outboard motors. Whether you are looking for a robust motor engine or something to sail your pontoon, you can rest assured knowing we offer the highest-quality engines on the market.

We are proud to partner with Tohatsu and bring their cutting edge technology to the United States of America. As the second-largest outboard manufacturer in the world, they produce some of the most robust 2-stroke and 4-stroke motors available. Arts Marine also offers a wide selection of Tohatsu parts and accessories.


BFT Series

These high-powered motors will give you all the power you need on the open water. The BFT series offers maximum performance with best in class fuel economy, peaking out at 250 hp. Each motor has interior cooling passages and anti-corrosion protection to ensure your engine lasts for the long run.

Each BFT series motor comes with 4-stroke technology for the unparalleled power you’ve been craving. Combine that with the maximum acceleration system and optimized fuel injection, and you will fly across any lake, river, or ocean. Plus, the fuel-efficient cruise system lets you operate the boat while running on 30 percent less fuel than other motors in its class.

tohatsu-midrange-seriesMid-Range Series

Tohatsu offers a tremendous selection of mid-range motors that come with all the features you need for smooth sailing. Users can maintain all the power they need without compromising efficiency. Every engine in the mid-range line up is certified with a CARB 3-Star rating for ultra-low emissions.

The outboard motors come in seven distinctive models, including 25 hp, 30 hp, 40 hp, 50 hp, 60 hp, 75 hp, and 90 hp. The lower horsepower models even offer battery-less electronic fuel injection, which is the first of its kind. Tohatsu also backs each motor with an industry-leading five-year limited warranty.

tohatsu-portable-motorsPortable Series

Here is where portability meets power. The Tohatsu compact portable motors give users the ultimate sense of control while still packing quality performance. With engines ranging from 2 hp to 20 hp, you can equip your boat with as much or as little giddy-up as you need.

Take to the open waters like a champion. Thanks to an easy to use interface and LPG powered systems, the portable engines stand head and shoulders above their competition. It doesn’t hurt that they have all also passed the EPA emissions standard with flying colors.


Parts and Accessories

Our collection of boat parts and accessories are as diverse as the people that use them. Whether you need connectors or cables, a propeller or paint, we have you covered. That is because our goal at Arts Marine is to get you back on the water sooner rather than later.

Ensure your boating experience is nothing short of outstanding. Thanks to durable and trustworthy Tohatsu parts, you can do that. If you have any questions about our inventory, feel free to give us a call at (501) 214-9188. 

Outboard Motors

Arts Marine has the greatest selection of outboard motors for fishermen everywhere. In our store, you can find outboard motors produced by two of the most popular brands – Yamaha and Evinrude. 

Evinrude Boat Motors for Sale

Evinrude is a boating manufacturer that you’ll find on every list of best-boating equipment producers. Their boat motor selection is fantastic, and it includes a myriad of choices that will meet all your needs and requirements. In our store, you’ll find quality Evinrude boats for all purposes. The selection includes the following:

  • E-TEC G2
  • E-TEC
  • Pontoon
  • Jet
  • Portables
  • Multi-fuel engines

The last choice in this list is specifically created to be used by the military. The MFE features low exhaust emissions and minimal engine noise, while the outboard and the boat itself can be airdropped from a cargo plane or helicopter. It can even be launched from a submerged submarine.

Yamaha Boat Motors for Sale

You’ve all heard of Yamaha – they are one of the oldest and most reputable boating equipment manufacturers known on the market. That being said, we offer a great choice of boat motors produced by Yamaha. Some of the most popular options that you should consider are:

  • XTO Offshore
  • 350 – 150 hp
  • 115 – 30 hp
  • 25 – 2.5 hp
  • V Max Sho
  • Jet Drive/High Thrust

On our site, you can search and compare different products and then select the quality boat motor that best meets your needs. On top of all this, we also sell various boating accessories from both brands.