Mid-Range Series

Mid-Range Series

Your motor is the heart and soul of your boat. It is the driving force that makes every cruise and fishing trip around the lake possible. Without a reliable motor, you risk losing precious time out on the lake. That is why picking the right motor is a fundamental aspect of being a boat owner.

The choice of a motor, plus its weight and horsepower, will impact your boat’s performance. Matching the proper size and pitch for the propeller will give you the best quality results. If you are the proud owner of a medium-sized vessel, make sure to outfit it with a mid-range motor from Tohatsu.

The Tohatsu mid-range outboard motor provides top-of-the-line performance for each of its seven models. The outboard motors range in power from 25 hp to 90 hp. That way, you can personalize the amount of force that comes with your state-of-the-art features.

Tohatsu offers the first battery-less fuel injection for lighting fast response times. Available for the 25 hp and 30 hp motors, this system is an industry first. Not only does the electronic system provide quick response times, but users also get the benefits of outstanding fuel economy and smooth sailing on the water.

Boaters will also be pleased to use the variable idling control. This function allows for flexible trolling speed between four preset levels ranging from 650 rpm to 950 rpm. Each motor also comes with TOCS, or the Tohatsu Onboard Communication System, which allows the device to interface with other standard electronic devices onboard like SONAR and GPS.

Tohatsu motors come with three different systems of technology, depending on your personal preferences. For instance, the 4-Stroke system comes with dual-stage induction and maximum acceleration capabilities. The 4-Stroke even includes variable valve timing and lift control for improved performance.

Second, the TLDI provides a sizeable boost to fuel and oil economy while decreasing the rate of hydrocarbon emissions. It is the ideal choice for boaters looking to balance power with environmentally conscious performance. The balance of horsepower to weight offers a seamless ride and minimal noise.

Third, the JET gives boaters access to otherwise difficult to reach areas. This propeller-driven outboard is ideal for the veteran fisherman who needs a reliable and robust engine. As part of the award-winning TLDI series, the JET also offers direct fuel injection, an engine control unit, and a multifunctional tachometer.

Each Tohatsu mid-range outboard motor comes with a guaranteed five-year limited warranty. The engines also meet every one of the EPA’s emissions regulations. So the next time you take your boat out, you can be confident knowing your motor has the CARB 3-Star rating for ultra-low emissions.

Give your boat the performance it deserves with a motor mid-range motor from Tohatsu. Whether you are an avid fisherman or enjoy an occasional boat ride with the family, make sure you have the best engine at your back. Call Arts Marine at (501) 214-9188 to learn more or to pursue your Tohatsu motor today.


Arts Marine offers the highest quality boating motors and service on the market including brand new Evinrude motors, Evinrude motor repairs, Evinrude parts, and all types of services that boaters might need.

If you’ve been in the boating world for at least a short time, you’ve probably already heard that Evinrude is one of the highest quality brands available. That being said, we don’t just offer their motors, but also repairs for your old ones. We can also make sure that you have all the parts and accessories you might need.

For those who aren’t aware, Evinrude’s line includes the popular E-TEC G2. All of their motors are of top-notch quality, and this one is often considered the thing that differentiates this company from all others.

The E-TEC G2 works with the help of direct fuel injection. Because of this, the Evinrude line of motors is known to have the most efficient engines today.

As soon as you go through the list of Evinrude motors for sale, you’ll find that all of their engines are specially designed to make your boating experience simpler and more intuitive. Their Intelligent Piloting System integrates varied engine features that can improve boating for everyone, including seasoned and novice boaters.

Some of the most popular engine options by Evinrude are:
• E-TEC G2 engine
• E-TEC engine
• Pontoon engine
• Jet engine
• Portables
• Multi-fuel engines

In addition to engines, Evinrude also offers gauges, controls, propellers, custom panels, and other Evinrude parts.