Portable Outboard Engines

Portable Outboard Engines

There many reasons why a portable outboard engine is the best fit for your boat. Maybe you are an avid fisherman and want to be able to navigate waters with precision. Perhaps you want to explore a new lake with your friends and family.

The portable boat is best suited for small and compact vessels. That includes aluminum fishing boats, pontoon boats, and even sailboats when there isn’t wind. When you are in the market for a compact yet efficient motor, look no further than the Tohatsu portable outboard engines at Art Marine.

The Tohatsu brand is known for its consistent reliability and durability. Owners reap the benefits of industry-leading fuel economy that makes navigating the waters a breeze. Currently, there are ten different calibers of motors, including the 2 hp, 3.5 hp, 4 hp, 5 hp, 6 hp, 8 hp, 9.8 hp, 9.9 hp, 15 hp, and 20 hp.

Tohatsu portable outboard engines are unmatched in their class thanks to a wealth of cutting-edge features. This bevy includes an easy to use interface for maximum control. The shift lever is conveniently located at the front of the engine, so ease of use while the sturdy carrying handle makes transportation a snap.

Each one of the Tohatsu portable engines is also LPG powered. That means boaters no longer have to carry a spare tank of petrol on board. The LPG model allows users to start and produce fewer emissions comparable to industry standard engines too.

The combination of portability and power makes these motors a must for any small boat owner. Users will experience a whole new level of control on the water, but without compromising on the smoothness of the ride. The engines are even backed with a five-year limited warranty as a testament to their high-quality design and manufacturing.

Additional features such as a forward neutral shift and 360-degree pivot steering maximize control when the boat is out on the lake. There is also a throttle grip on the steering handle to give users an intimate feel of the waters. With so many features packed into one model, it is no surprise that Tohatsu is head and shoulders above its competition when it comes to portable outboard engines.

Every one the Tohatsu portable outboard engines comes with 4-stroke capabilities. The 4-stroke ensures that you can get the most effective performance possible no matter where you are.  Some benefits include:

  • Water-cooled and temperature-controlled cooling system
  • Digital CD ignition for easy starting and quick throttle response
  • Easy to read oil level gauges
  • Light bodyweight with a compact design
  • Ultra-low emissions, including EPA and CARB 3-Star ratings
  • And many more!

Discover why boaters across the world entrust their vessel with a Tohatsu portable outboard engine. You are guaranteed to get a reliable, lightweight, and compact motor that never skimps on performance or durability. Call us now at (501) 214-9188 to speak with an Arts Marine representative and get your Tohatsu engine today.


Arts Marine offers the highest quality boating motors and service on the market including brand new Evinrude motors, Evinrude motor repairs, Evinrude parts, and all types of services that boaters might need.

If you’ve been in the boating world for at least a short time, you’ve probably already heard that Evinrude is one of the highest quality brands available. That being said, we don’t just offer their motors, but also repairs for your old ones. We can also make sure that you have all the parts and accessories you might need.

For those who aren’t aware, Evinrude’s line includes the popular E-TEC G2. All of their motors are of top-notch quality, and this one is often considered the thing that differentiates this company from all others.

The E-TEC G2 works with the help of direct fuel injection. Because of this, the Evinrude line of motors is known to have the most efficient engines today.

As soon as you go through the list of Evinrude motors for sale, you’ll find that all of their engines are specially designed to make your boating experience simpler and more intuitive. Their Intelligent Piloting System integrates varied engine features that can improve boating for everyone, including seasoned and novice boaters.

Some of the most popular engine options by Evinrude are:
• E-TEC G2 engine
• E-TEC engine
• Pontoon engine
• Jet engine
• Portables
• Multi-fuel engines

In addition to engines, Evinrude also offers gauges, controls, propellers, custom panels, and other Evinrude parts.