WeldBilt Boats

Weldbilt Boats

One of the brands you’ll find at Arts Marine is the popular Weldbilt Boat brand. We have a selection of aluminum boats by this fantastic brand, and we can service used boats as well. Their current range is not very wide, but it is definitely worth looking into. In the list of Weldbilt Aluminum boats, you’ll find five excellent and highly durable options, and they come recommended by many fishermen around the world.

Check out the Weldbilt aluminum boats for sale currently offered by Arts Marine. This list features the following options:

  • Side console rig green
  • Center console rig
  • Camo vee side console
  • Semi vee green

The five Weldbilt aluminum boats share some excellent features. The deck varies between 40 inches and 60 inches with or without included storage. There’s a 16-inch deck extension, a trolling motor mount, and a rear deck hatch as well. You can also choose between four different color options including brown, white, camo, and olive drab green. Weldbilt also features an unpainted aluminum boat.

Some of the optional features you can choose for your boat are side seats, seat bases, extra transom braces, a rod or gun box, and a floor with or without sides. The side and center consoles feature an optional windshield, while the side storage console has an included windshield.

In addition to their boats, we also offer Weldbilt boat repair service. If your aluminum boat needs any kind of repairs due to weather or collision damages, our experts will jump right in and provide the assistance you need to get back on the water.